educational instruction

Dedicated to providing psychological services that build resiliency and help youth reach their milestones.


A Psycho-educational assessment is used to identify Learning Disabilities in youth and adults. Such an assessment usually involves a parental/adult interview, review of cumulative school records and an individual  assessment of cognitive processes and academic functioning.  This allows for a deeper understanding of why an individual is experiencing difficulties in learning and guides remediation.  A psycho-educational 

assessment may also be used in the determination of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Intellectual Disability and Giftedness. 

Psycho-educational Assessments

Behaviour Support strategies are often implemented within the home and school setting to support children and youth with a variety of behavioural needs. Such strategies often involve two modes of engagement: A.)Management of Antecedents: Ensuring that the learning environment is set up for a student's success (schedules, rules, routines, prompts, organizational strategies and specific positive feedback are just some examples.

B.) Management of Behaviour through Consequences. This method involves individualized programming to increase positive prosocial behaviours and decrease challenging behaviours.

Behaviour Support Strategies
Therapeutic Interventions

A variety of counselling methods are employed to meet the needs of youth facing anxiety related issues, grief, bullying, and learning difficulties.

Counselling may include emotional regulation, resiliency building, mindfulness techniques, and cognitive reframing of negative thoughts. Often times educating young people about how to regulate their emotions allows for better management of many emotional responses. Another counselling strategy is improving communication and self-advocacy skills. This allows students to access skills in dealing with conflict across the home and school setting.

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