Do I need a referral?


Referrals may be self-initiated and are not necessary for an appointment. However, referrals from other professionals involved are welcomed. Some insurance companies require a referral from a medical doctor before services are reimbursed.


How Much will it cost?


The cost of services varies. The recommended rate set by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia is $190 per hour. Intervention and assessment costs are determined in advance and will be discussed in the initial interview. Please do not hesitate to contact Milestones if you have questions about costs prior to coming in for an appointment.



How do I pay?


Clients pay directly for psychological services. Payments are accepted through e transfers, debit, or cash. An invoice will be provided to you upon payment services received through Milestones. This invoice may be submitted to your Extended Health Benefit (insurance) plan.

Many people have extended health care plans (such as Blue Cross, Manulife or Sun Life) provided through their employee benefits or privately sponsored insurance plans. Most of these plans cover a portion of the cost of the services of a Registered Psychologist. Please contact your insurance provider for additional details about coverage and referral requirements.


Psychological services are not covered under MSI. The fess are GST/HST exempt.


In addition, various companies offer some services. You may be able to see a psychologist or counsellor at your place of work. Some companies may also refer clients who are seeking help to psychologists in private practice and cover a portion of the service costs. You may wish to contact your supervisor or human resources personnel for further information


Finally, services are also available through government funded facilities such as hospitals, community mental health centers and public schools. The services offered by these institutions are free of charge.


Cancellation Policy


Milestones reserves your appointment time for you alone. As such, we require appropriate notice for a cancelled appointment in order to schedule other clients and reschedule your appointment. 48-hour notice is required to cancel a counseling session and one week notice is required to cancel a psychoeducational assessment session. Cancelled appointments without notice may incur a charge.


Are services provided by a registered psychologist?


Yes, Milestones has a fully registered psychologist. This means that the psychologist is in good standing with the licensing board (Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology) and has passed all licensing requirements including written and oral examinations.



Will my privacy be protected?


It is a psychologists' ethical responsibility to ensure a clients’ confidentiality. All information is retained in confidence unless written permission is given to disclose or exchange information with another party.       

However, there are to limits to confidentiality. If a client is a danger to themselves or others, your psychologist may be required to take action to prevent harm.