Dedicated to helping youth and their families reach their milestones. Youth who are resilient and understand their learning often meet with success. The first step in this process often involves an understanding of an individual's unique strengths and challenges. This can be accomplished through an evaluation of a student's learning through a psycho-educational assessment. Next, services around counselling, behaviour management and consultation may also be considered depending upon individual needs.

Psycho-educational Assessment Services

- Assessment & Evaluation of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Giftedness, Developmental Disabilities

- Cognitive/Academic Testing

- Review of school reports

- Interview with parent(s)

- Verbal feedback on the evaluation

-Written report

Therapy Services​

- Resiliency building

- ADHD coaching and learning strategies

- Positive/proactive thinking

- Strategies for dealing with a bully

- Anxiety & Worry Management

- Anger Management

- Self Advocacy Strategies

- Changes in family structure (separation/divorce)

- Social Thinking & Cognitive Flexibility 

Behaviour Management

-Development of behaviour outcomes and reinforcement plans

- Provide necessary resource materials

- Monitor behaviour programming




Consultation Services 

- Provide feedback and evidenced based learning and behaviour remedial/compensatory strategies to parents and other professionals 
- Assist with program modification
- Provide resource materials


Articles & Resources